Winter break 2019

What did we do in the 10 days winter break?

  • Wake up late
  • Laze around
  • Eat
  • Watch TV
  • Play board games
  • Laze around
  • Eat
  • Watch TV
  • Play board games
  • Sleep

I cooked one proper meal every day and we ate as a family on the table with lots of chit chats. At times, it was tough for me to cook/clean every day and do all chores but no complaints at all. I loved the time I got to spend with the kids, having our own spaces and taking it light with no set agenda. This is probably the first time we stayed home for a long break with not even a day trip.

As for me, I used this break to catch up on all fronts – my workout, kitchen shelf organizing, secure dining chairs with plastic sheet (believe me – this took 2 whole day), learning for work, coding challenge, self care and of course cooking all delicacies starting from mutton soup, chicken dum biriyani, taco station, mutton curry, poori/channa masala, fish fry, spinach paratha, vegetable soup and many more.

Kitchen was the most happening place in this break. I had a small breakdown last night while the clock was ticking past 9pm and I was still juggling with grinding idli batter and washing truck load of dishes. I wanted to wrap up everything before 8:30pm so we can retire to bed early to have a fresh start today, but situation was out of control and I was stretching myself till 10:30pm to wrap up all chores.

LHB saw me sobbing, he sat next to me and uttered these words. Amma, do you want to tell me what is bothering you? It will make you feel better if you share ma. I promise to not tell anyone okay? You know Amma, you are the best! How will we all survive without you and your food? You are the best Amma! This guy and his nature to care for others blows me off totally. He fixed the bed, cleaned the bedroom and told me I have a surprise when I come to sleep.Β  He clearly knows how to please his Amma. Sometimes, all we need are these kind words. These words carry the power to push us beyond our ability.Β  What would I do without him? May God bless this little fella with good health and happiness.

We all had starting trouble today morning. For the first time, I heard Adi saying she wants to skip school. I gave a pep talk (play while you play, work while you work kinda talk) and dropped her later at school. LHB woke up late too but all he needed was a piggy ride to the bathroom to get back to his groove πŸ™‚

How was your break?

19 thoughts on “Winter break 2019

  1. I just want to squeeze that little boy… how I miss that stage … I could just imagine the two of you … got me teary eyed … god bless him …
    Stay blessed !!
    Winter break is what I’m thinking of writing today …

    • he is one navarasa nayagan. he can make me laugh and cry at the same time. he has also taken a sabadham to make my last few strands of hair fall off very soon..

  2. I am so yearning for a break without an agenda. Our yearly December road-trip ritual was broken since Su moved out of an established setup to work with me, and there is no annual shutdown in question now. πŸ˜€ December felt so different this time!

    LHB is a rock-star!

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