Archive | January 3, 2020

2020 goals

I just did a quick scroll to take a look at 2019 goals and feel like I can just copy paste that post to this year.

  • Stay fit and healthy. Actually started taking it more serious and making little progress. Hope to see some change in 2020 :fingers_crossed. It has come to the stage of now or never. Let’s see how I fair!
  • To be ahead of time for all appointments/classes. I did make some progress in 2019 but it still needs loads of improvement.
  • Spread happiness as much as I can and stay positive. Do not let the dark side from past take over the present.
  • Spare time for those who need me and respect my time. Connect with more people.
  • Do not stop. Keep moving. This is another year to stay high with my energy level to focus on the kids and work. The deals, rules and trade offs continues. So, yes I have to keep up my energy level. Note to self: Self pity, cribbing or sulking never helps. Just move on lady!
  • Sustain at workplace and continue with the same pace. I am happy with what I did at work in 2019 and looking forward to some positive changes in 2020.

The word for 2020 is “Mindful” and learn to apply this to all aspects of everyday life. Mindful to know my inner self and my body better, mindful eating, mindful about being present especially during my conversation with kids and mindful about others.

It feels so nice to read all my favorite bloggers once again. The habit has begun to check my reader often for new posts and share comments. That tiny orange dot notification in the WordPress app makes me genuinely happy 🙂 🙂 and I am smiling randomly more than ever for the past two days. Thank you all so much for being part of this lovely reunion.