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The first week of blogathon is relatively easy as we can get away with last year, this year, goals et all 🙂

Now that I justified myself let me do my style monthly retrospect of 2019. This post can also be a fodder for events that needs a separate post.

January :

  • Loss of my beloved FIL. I don’t want anyone to have a start like this but I know at least two people who are going through the same or similar situation in 2020. I wish them strength and they are in my prayers.


  • Mostly spent in India. Adi got sick and passed out at the airport just before departure and we had to call off the travel at last minute. We stayed at friend’s place for a week in Chennai and got her treated. I am eternally grateful for this friend as she had one year old baby and hosted us for a week. She made us feel at home and helped at the most crucial time.


  • Adi played at Carnegie hall NY for the very first time.
  • We made the next big move official by signing the deed for this home.


  • Took family portrait pictures (this needs to be called out as I still remember the effort I took to get the clan dressed up and drive to the studio.
  • Bought the second car as it is practically impossible to survive with one car at new place. Kids (read as LHB) were super excited about this car as it is Tesla. LHB can spot a Tesla on the road even 200 meters away and is still crazy about it. It has not grown on me yet though it has some cool features. My heart is still with my Alto, India car that was sold right after my FIL passed away. Two losses I must say.


  • Adi played at Carnegie hall for the second time.
  • Parents arrived.
  • Furniture shopping for new home. I window shopped at many shops but placed one bulk order of all furnitures at same store. Adi made fun that I bought one of each fancy item from that store. I am yet to settle that loan.


  • LHB graduated Kindergarten.
  • Move to new home and settling in new neighborhood.
  • Mentored two summer interns at work. It was a fun experience.
  • Also, this year I mentored a college student from outside work.


  • Summer vacation for kids
  • LHB joined cub scout and eye level tutoring classes in new neighborhood.
  • Adi volunteered actively this month.
  • I spent most of this month in unpacking as I wanted to get done with all unpacking while Amma was here and before school starts.


  • Adi hosted a pool/sleepover party at home with friends from old neighborhood.
  • Camp trip with overnight stay at upstate NY and visit to Niagara with parents.
  • Participated in Hackathon at work.


  • Parents returned to India one month earlier as Appa developed dental issues.
  • Kids started new school.
  • My friend from work stayed with us for a weekend.
  • I attended an all day career fair representing my company at an in state college.


  • Fishing experience for the first time. We caught a fish and released it.
  • Participated in Sewa diwali food drive initiative.


  • Became citizens of this country.
  • Roasted whole chicken for Thanksgiving dinner and cooked an elaborate spread with friend’s family.
  • I got sick and had to take a course of antibiotics to recover.


  • Adi received Presidential Voluntary Service Gold Award for the volunteering work she did in this year.
  • Hosted the annual meeting for volunteering service. Served breakfast and lunch for about 30 adults. It was potluck menu prepared by the ladies who came for the meeting.
  • Took LHB to family holiday event at workplace. He enjoyed every bit of the day and kept thanking me all day. I had great time with him too. We took fun pictures at photo booth and ate loads of junk.
  • Restarted my fitness routine.
  • Had two courses of antibiotics for two unrelated issues. I see a pattern of ending up with antibiotics mostly in Nov/Dec of every year!! Hope this pattern doesn’t continue!
  • Budget Christmas decoration at home. I loved every bit of it.
  • Winter break

What an eventful year this has been!! I never realized we had so many changes and did so many things before writing this post. I am glad to have jotted it all down here.

How was your 2019?