Archive | January 9, 2020

LHB talks

#1 – On our way to township board meeting as LHB’s class was chosen to sing a song for Vetaran’s in that meeting:
Amma: Kutty, do you remember your lines da?
LHB: You know Amma, I am squeezing my brain to remember the lines. I will let it go when we are done and the brain will forget everything. Silly brain!
Amma: I don’t know why but this response from him made my eyes wet instantly. The little boy is trying, trying and trying his best to remember and recollect facts. I remind myself again. It is absolutely okay if he is not at par with academics for his age. He is a happy, healthy boy and he will find his way to survive. He tries and doesnt give up. My duty is to only give him a safe and happy childhood. He will figure out his life.

#2 – On our way back from school:
Amma: So, what did you do in school today?
LHB: We played Heads up seven up game in aftercare.
Amma: What game is that? I have never heard about it.
LHB: Omg! It’s a lot to explain. I will tell you later!

#3 – At home:
Amma: (Screaming) LHB, why don’t you finish your homework now?
LHB: (in a very calm tone) Not in the mood baby!!
Amma: She was looking for a wall nearby to bang her head!!!

#4 – On our way back from township board meeting:
LHB’s class sang a song for Veteran’s in that board meeting and there were many veteran’s present in that meeting.
LHB: Amma, did you see the Veteran’s in the meeting?
Amma: Yes da!
LHB: Are they all very old Amma?
Amma: Yes da!
LHB: How come they are still alive but Raju thatha is not ma?
I went speechless and changed the topic eventually!!

#5 – Bedtime:
LHB: Amma, why do you always keep saying Ammadi whenever you sit or try to stand?Amma: Because, my back hurts sometimes and I say it mostly when I feel tired.
(then he was mocking me for few days especially when I retire to bed with a very loud “Ammadi”
LHB: Then, he came up with the phrase “Ammadi, kannadi, chennadi”. He claims to be the proud owner of this phrase and I pretend to him that it makes all my pain go away.
Amma: You know da, I feel much better when I say it
LHB: I know Amma, that is why I created this for you (with a proud face) 😀

More saved for another post 🙂