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Cinema cinema

We had a casual conversation at the table today evening about Darbar and it moved on to quiz Adi on how familiar she is with Tamil cinema industry celebrities.

The first she called out was “Yogi babu”. I was totally surprised and assuming she misunderstood asked her to explain how he looks like. She said that short, stout guy with curly hair. I see him in all the movies these days. I was about to pass out and decided to quiz her more

We had a rapid fire round and she faired pretty well much to my surprise. I am sorry non-Tamil readers.

Ajith – is it the guy from Isha movie (she is referring to Yennai Arindhaal)
Vijay – Oh the guy from Soccer movie (she is referring to Bigil)
Rajinikanth – Petta guy
Kamala hasan – The guy from the song I played (this deserves a post), with beard and stuff. She is referring to punnagai mannan BGM song
Dhanush – Oh the guy from Maari
Anirudh – Super singer guy
Illayaraja – I know you talk about him all the time but don’t remember his face. (blasphemy I thought and showed his picture to her right away)
A.R.Rahman – Oh the famous music director
Jeyam Ravi – Kurumba/Comali guy

And with that M declared she is fit to be called a Tamil girl now. It was a proud/not so proud moment I say!!! I mean I would have been much more happier if she knew the true Tamil legends but I am to be blamed partially too for the exposure I give to her.

I think she picked up all these only very recently. We had a good laugh at the end and that is all matters!

P.S: Heart breaking news for STR fans. She didn’t know him. I told her even STR would get a heart attack if he comes to know that she knew all the above celebrities but not him 😀 😀

Video of the day: (The rapid fire round with Adi reminded me of this scene)