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Vegetable soup

This weekend was super packed but very much satisfying as we checked quite a few items from ever growing To do list. I will write about it some other day.

Sunday calls for food post and I will stick on to that.

A dish that I prepared in a jiffy during winter break when Adi was repeatedly saying how nice would it be to have a hot soup to pacify her bothering throat.

Quick look at Internet for recipe ideas was not very promising as there was no celery or vegetable/chicken broth or soup seasoning mix at home. Still went ahead with the making of soup and got double thumbs up from Adi. It was one the rarest evening when she praised the dish I made to no end. She went on and on and on to only make me fly high, higher and highest 🙂

I looked up Internet but made my own version.

Cook time: 15 mins

Onion – 1
Tomato (Optional)
Carrots – 2
Butter – 2 tbsp
Flour (all purpose) – 2 tbsp
Italian all in one seasoning
Garlic powder (Optional)
Parsley flakes (Optional)
Macaroni pasta – 1 cup
Black pepper powder – to taste
Ginger – grated (small piece)
Salt – to taste


    1. Cook pasta in a separate bowl with required amount of water and keep it aside (don’t drain the water)
    2. Heat a pot, add 2tbsp butter
    3. Saute onion, tomato (optional), carrots (add oil or more butter if butter is not enough)
    4. Add Italian seasoning, garlic powder, black pepper, salt and cook the veggies well (you can add more veggies of your choice)
    5.  Add cooked pasta along with the water
    6. Make a paste with flour/water and pour it into the cooking pot (this will give thick consistency to the soup)
    7. Allow it to boil till everything blends together and you get soup consistency.
    8. Add crushed parsley flakes, grated ginger and switch off stove in few mins.
    9. Ready to serve

P.S: You can also add cooked kidney beans.

veg soup