Work anniversary

Last Saturday (11th Jan)Β  marks my fourth year anniversary with current employer and I didn’t remember that specifically though mind was alerting randomly that something good happened on 11th Jan in the past. I didn’t bother to squeeze the brain to figure out what it was until my leader was kind enough to remind me about it. He was like “Hey, tomorrow is your 4th year anniversary at this workplace” and I was like “Oh yeah, I remember now. Thank you!”

I don’t remember (call it mid age syndrome. these days I start most of my conversation with a prefix “if my memory don’t fail me”, “If I remember it right” ). Alright let us get back to the topic. I don’t remember if I ever wrote about my current workplace in this blog. For all that it has offered to me, it definitely deserves a post.

This is my first work at NY though I don’t get out to NY streets as I can walk to my office lobby through a tunnel from train station (count as blessings during winter). It is definitely a pride to say “I work in the city” and “I work for XYZ” though it costs a lot in terms of time and effort. They truly care about women empowerment, women in technology, providing the platform to learn and support social cause. My company’s one of current vision is to obtain “Zero waste” certificate in next few years. They have removed garbage cans in cafeteria and replaced all utensils with reusable ones, even the paper cups at coffee machine and replaced with reusable mugs.

The past 4 years at this company has changed my perspective about many things and made me a better person for good. The exposures I got with this company working from the headquarters is tremendous. I had goose bump moments of sharing the elevator with CEO and attending CTO’s town hall in person. The vibration I feel when they are around itself is enough to keep me going for the next one year.

I am ever thankful for making the decision to join this company and staying with them so long. The thought of finding a job in local crosses my mind now and then but I am glad to not succumb to that thought.

I joined them as a contractor and got converted as full time in 3 months. It all started with a casual phone call from my school friend to wish for my birthday. We spoke after almost 15 years and he shared about this opportunity with me. Couple of telephonic interviews followed by an onsite interview and I joined them 1.5 months after that phone call. It feels like a dream and sometimes make me wonder what if that friend never called me? That was the only birthday he called to wish πŸ™‚ What would I be doing now? Opportunity do come in at any time and any form so we have to keep our eyes and ears wide open to look out for it. Never give up!

Add to that, I love the team I work for now. They make you responsible for your actions and treat you as an adult. No micro management, flexibility to work from home and long term unified vision. The leadership empowers each person to bring out the best in them and advocates the team to not fear the change. Basically, our top leader walks the talk, leads by example and makes sure we stay abreast of latest trends. We call a code written just 6 months back as legacy, that is how fast things keep changing.

I am happy with the way I am placed in the team right now. It is neither too aggressive nor too slow. I grow at my own pace and enjoy the work I am doing. Adi and LHB love the swags I bring home. There is always some event happening at work with leftover desserts or some swag. Adi says, don’t ever leave this job Amma. Your company is so cool. Appa’s company is so boringgg!!! LHB loves the annual all day family holiday event.

I accepted new challenge today and 2020 looks very promising with more exciting opportunities like to be a mentor, to be part of leadership team making key decisions, hire more talents, attend breakfast series with women leaders (this means I take my bus at 6:30am but its worth it to hear their insightful thoughts in a casual setup), attend conferences and bring a positive change in the team.

Apologies for the long post. I feel like I only wrote down half of what I wanted to say!

14 thoughts on “Work anniversary

  1. Wow! I’m super impressed to note how much fun and growth your workplace has added to your work life πŸ™‚

    Wishing you many more fabulous experiences in your career.

    Here’s to many more amazing years of working with this organisation.

  2. Awesome to hear that your workplace trusts its leaders and is giving enough flexibility so that women can manage both work and home. 6 months old code as legacy !! Lol !! This sounds so much like one of the 4 tech giants !

  3. I read your posts in reverse order Ani, (Read the jinx one already) but it sounds like the whole company’s culture is so progressive and cool. I’m hoping your current leader has chosen someone who thinks in the same lines and believes in the same value as him to fill his position. Best wishes to you and hugs Ani

  4. So happy for you Ani! You have landed yourself a dream job indeed. The leader and the senior management team sound so awesome – wtg! It’s divine interference the way your friend called. πŸ™‚

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