The day I was not looking forward to as this day last year is when we got that dreaded phone call from India about my FIL departing this world to go to a better place.

I woke up at 8:30 and started with cooking as Adi had to leave for her piano exam at 12:30 and I wanted to offer some favorites to my FIL and pray as a family before we have our lunch. I couldn’t exactly find what is his favorite but heard from Amma that she heard relatives talking during his 10th day ceremony that he liked Chapathi very much. That is the day we cook elaborately and offer to him.

When I lived with in laws, I have always heard him saying “Let’s do Ani.. dosa” as one of the dish when any guests visits home for dinner. He was referring to the crispy dosa that I used to make and try to impress everyone (newly married girl and all that) with non stick dosa pan. My MIL usually makes that thick dosa (kal dosa) in an iron skillet.

Also, I know men of his generation usually like eating non veg dishes. So, it was home made Chapathi, crispy dosa and fish fry that I offered to him today.

My heart started beating fast as the time was getting closer to 11am as that is the time we got the call. I really wish he had stayed back for few more years to come and stay with us. He would have helped me setup a beautiful garden in this home. I always wanted to bring him here and take care of him as my own father for all that he has done to me.

I don’t know much about him as a young father as M barely shares anything but he has been the best father in law that anyone could wish for. He used to give me Rs.100 and bless me on my birthday when I lived with them. He even called me from India on my birthday when we moved to US. It means a lot to me. A lot! A gentleman who treated me for what I am worth!

Its better to let the tears flow through as I type this. I think he is the elder from my family that has most appeared in my blog.






I thank God for this relationship from whom I learned something good and have become a better person.




6 thoughts on “01-19-2020

  1. I am in the same boat as you Ani.my FIL passed away on 20th Jan last year, and he has been in my thoughts all day today and hopefully I will be able to do the Vada and Rava laddoo and offer something to him in his memory

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