Archive | January 31, 2020

And its done

Will I give up on my sleep for one month straight to catch up on office work? – No
Will I stay up in the night to clean dishes or do other chores – No
Will I extend my bedtime to catch up on a book or social media or movie – No
Am I a night person – Hell No (I am not a morning person either. Basically you can call me sleep any time of the day person) 😀

But, the past 30 days taught me that I had no complaints with giving up on my sleep to write in this space even after a super hectic long day. That explains it all. The connection I hold with this space and with you all.

It all started in 2013. Can’t believe this is the 8th year of blogathon. There are years in the past, I used to schedule post one day ahead, freak out if I can’t think of a topic, stay prepared for next few days and all that. But, this year I just went with the flow and picked up the topic on the fly. May be because most days I got away with writing about my day and there is so much happening in life. I feel relieved to have captured a part of it in this space.

I thank each one of you who took the time to read and comment on my posts. I value them the most and you all have made me smile and feel connected. Counting my blessings. Not to mention, thank you all for your writings as well. I enjoyed reading and commenting on them though right now I am behind by few days.

Keep writing and have a great year everyone! Let us all make an attempt to write at least one post every month for rest of this year and I will see you all hyper and active in next Jan 🙂

Stay happy and healthy!