Archive | January 2, 2021

9 mins to go

I have to publish this post in next 9 minutes.

Okay, let’s keep this short. Today, I shared about this space with Adi. She read some of the posts and is creeped out at the moment. I was busy reading all you lovely bloggers post, lost track of time and Adi asked “Amma what are doing in your laptop for so long? Are you working?” And I felt the moment has come to share about this space with her as I can’t read you all or do my post hiding in a closet for next 30 days. She is all over my space these days from my laptop to my phone. She stalks me more than I stalk her so yes the moment has come.

So, then I told her about the blog, we read few posts together. She was shocked to know that I have been blogging for 11 years, I am shocked too 🙂

My plan was to reveal about this space to her after her 18th birthday but it happened just like that today. I told her about Indu aunty, Swaram aunty, Seema’s aunty’s daughters gingerbread man letter, RM’s aunty’s books t-shirt gift, bloggers meet at Chennai that she accompanied, yearly blogathon et all and we spent rest of the time going over old posts and photos.

This the reason I have only 2 more minutes to publish this post.

I loved reading all your posts and felt genuinely happy. I was grinning wide while reading and commenting on all your posts. This joy is something unique. Yayyyyy to the yearly reunion tradition that brings us all together. Alright publishing now!!! More in next post!