Archive | January 3, 2021

2020 – roundup

I usually do month wise round up of the previous year but 2020 is going to be in random order. I want to write about all new things I explored in 2020 in spite of the challenging times.

2020 has been an year of vera (different) level self realization for me. I have been following few mindful changes for past few months that I can now safely say that I have become more aware of my surroundings, learned to respond vs react, understand people beneath their skin and their unsaid intentions. If there is one thing that has not changed at all, its tears. 2020 is the year they have rolled down very generously and frequently so much that the under eye skin is peeling off from constant exposure to salty droplets!!! There are multiple reasons for these tears and its still work in progress for me to accept the fact that certain things in life will never change no matter how hard you try!

Now that the heavy stuff is off my chest, let me write about all good exposures in 2020

Volunteering – Tops my list. I have gone more public on volunteering this year. Taken up roles in the organization I volunteer for and work with high school children and their parents. My neighborhood knows about my volunteering work. Best part is when these high school kids message me asking for direction. My heart melts when they call me Aunty and look up to my guidance.

Instagram – Created a foodie account in Insta. Most of everyday cooking meals are posted in my insta handle now. It amazes me when I scroll down my own feed. Did I really cook all these food? I have cooked enough during this pandemic time that would have otherwise taken my entire lifetime to cook!! You can follow me @anikrish

Gardening/Art – Some serious gardening happened this year. We harvested ladies finger, tomato, strawberries and some herbs. And I did few free hand pencil drawing. It was a pleasant surprise for myself.

Kitchen gadgets – I am not a huge fan of kitchen gadgets as they occupy more space in counter top. But, pandemic time called for extensive usage of Air fryer and Instant pot. They have been put to best use!

Backyard grill – We bought a grill over the summer and it was a first time learning to grill. We enjoyed the family time together while grilling!

Neighborhood – After moving to this home, its only during this pandemic I had time to explore the neighborhood. LHB and I went for long evening walks/bike ride. LHB did fishing with real worms as baits with his friend in neighborhood pond. Thanks to his friend’s dad who helped them bait the worms. I love this neighborhood and my neighbors. We exchange foods, groceries, kids play together and above all I am thankful to them for making me feel safe and surrounded by good people.

LHB’s tuition – LHB takes online tuition class for Math and I am forever grateful to his teacher. She has so much patience and takes the time to teach the concepts to him. I could not imagine myself teaching 2 digit addition/subtraction with borrow to this little guy. I am sure we would have killed each other by end of the lesson. Now, I spend time for revision with him which works out far far far better.

Parents – Parents went through serious health issues during summer, both at the same time and thankfully they recovered. The pain I went through those 1.5 months is unimaginable. I wake up and go to bed talking to them. I would be attending a work call and just like that tears will roll down my cheeks if I think about them. Just the thought of what if something goes wrong? I could not even travel and thoughts go wild. Amma went through the worst phase as she was sick and on top of it she had to be care taker of Appa. I have never seen both of them so sick in my life.

Work – Work has accelerated for me during pandemic time. I took upon new role in beginning of 2020 and it was challenging in more ways. 2021 is going to be another eventful year at work and I hope to keep up with it.

It feels like working 3 full time shifts in a day with every day cooking, cleaning, being presentable for 100% undivided attention seeking multiple 1-1 work calls, spending time with LHB for his school work, following my very own little workout routine, cleaning, volunteering etc, etc, etc… Its stressful but its all good stress so bring it on 2021!! As long as family is safe and healthy, anything can be handled. Keep calm and carry on!!