Archive | January 4, 2021


What is rest? I get confused with this all the time.

Physical rest is something I understand to some extent. You either settle down on the couch or bed comfortably and not move your body.

But mental rest is the one that confuses me and the more I think about it, its the mental rest that I need more than the physical rest which is hard to get.

Let me give you an example, yesterday I declared it as my rest day. Thankfully there was food in stock so it can be a true rest day for me. I just wanted to feel that I rested well just before the holiday is over so I can’t crib on hectic days ahead!

On a typical day (including weekends), morning is usually spent in the kitchen. Yesterday, I was lazying around the house, watched some videos in SM, drew another piece of art, played with LHB, lazed around again but then end of day I didn’t feel like I rested enough. I could have as well cooked and made some prep work for this work week. That would have put my mind to peace end of the day. But, I was not doing any prep work, forced myself to do random things and felt the pressure today morning!!!

Watching something on TV or aimlessly browsing doesn’t fit as mental rest to me. That only gives me hangover feeling after few hours. Not that I have experienced hangover first hand but it makes me feel more tired. So, what is rest?

Rest to me is sitting down with a cup of coffee after finishing all my work (home, office, kids). But is that realistically possible? If this is not possible then what is rest?

What do you all do if you want to rest?