What is rest? I get confused with this all the time.

Physical rest is something I understand to some extent. You either settle down on the couch or bed comfortably and not move your body.

But mental rest is the one that confuses me and the more I think about it, its the mental rest that I need more than the physical rest which is hard to get.

Let me give you an example, yesterday I declared it as my rest day. Thankfully there was food in stock so it can be a true rest day for me. I just wanted to feel that I rested well just before the holiday is over so I can’t crib on hectic days ahead!

On a typical day (including weekends), morning is usually spent in the kitchen. Yesterday, I was lazying around the house, watched some videos in SM, drew another piece of art, played with LHB, lazed around again but then end of day I didn’t feel like I rested enough. I could have as well cooked and made some prep work for this work week. That would have put my mind to peace end of the day. But, I was not doing any prep work, forced myself to do random things and felt the pressure today morning!!!

Watching something on TV or aimlessly browsing doesn’t fit as mental rest to me. That only gives me hangover feeling after few hours. Not that I have experienced hangover first hand but it makes me feel more tired. So, what is rest?

Rest to me is sitting down with a cup of coffee after finishing all my work (home, office, kids). But is that realistically possible? If this is not possible then what is rest?

What do you all do if you want to rest?

23 thoughts on “Rest

  1. You got me on this one… there are days I aimlessly browse/binge watch but these days I feel more irritable after that… a feeling of wasting a good day creeps inside me… to me rest happens when I do everything that my to do list has and I’m tired but feel accomplished… that’s when I can truly sit back and rest… mental rest ??!! Well that’s another thing altogether… I often joke with the hubby that I need a vacation from my mind 😃😃… sorry for this long comment

  2. I get you there, Ani.. the mindlessness of watching tv.. Try mandala art or mandala coloring. It will bring a bit of calmness and focus on making something beautiful with all your thoughts focused on it. You would also have an art work to brag about after doing it😄

  3. If I want rest I don’t cook that day – mind is food free ( what to cook, how to cook, when to cook), no leftovers to put away or dishes to do, kitchen stays clean and the satisfaction of eating someone’s else’s cooking to the hearts content.

  4. Ani, your posts are very thought provoking.
    I havent experienced mental rest since forever….not even while sleeping.
    Maybe I too shall write more about it.

  5. I agree with you, that mental rest is so hard to find. I also feel at peace only when I have prepped for the next day and have nothing pending on my mental check list even though I have nothing better to do and can postpone the tasks. Once it pops in my head, I need to get the job done otherwise it keeps bothering me. Must do a post on this😏

  6. Oh this is so relatable! I think the problem is that we don’t know how to rest: we don’t know how to just be in the present moment and do nothing and really give ourselves a break. We are so used to being constantly on the go, so wired by our to-do lists, and the pressure to have everything done. I have found that it takes 4-5 days for my mind to learn to slow down and get into a relaxed state. Usually, vacation is already over by then lol!

  7. Hmmm, tough question. I watch some feel good movie late in the night, when I know there’s a holiday next day and everyone gets up late. Weekend evenings, if there’s nothing much to do, I try some art work. But these are all possible for me, only because I have huge support system at home.
    Maybe you can try delegating some tasks to the family so that you will have sometime for yourself at the end of the day. Mental rest at the beginning of a day is not practically possible I guess, so you should think of extracting time by the end of the day.

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