Archive | January 7, 2021

My recent love

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsor post.

If there is one thing that has made my life easier in this pandemic time, it is my Galaxy buds live earbuds. My work now demands to spend time on calls most part of the day. On an typical day, I spend 5 hours on work calls. Morning hours are usually spent multi tasking between kitchen needs, work calls and LHB’s school.

Before buds days, I would either have my kitchen apron on that has pockets and wear sweat pants with pockets so I can hook the wired earphone to my phone and walk around with phone and earphone while taking calls. But then, I started dropping the phone or the wire gets stuck or disconnected and all weird things started happening that added frustration to the already hectic multi tasking mornings!

I have done active/passive multi tasking in old times like be on a call as a silent listener not being attentive and respond to someone 1-1 on chat or do some household chores but now pandemic redefined multi tasking. I can focus 100% on cooking like cutting onions while actively talking on a work call about a complex issue with work laptop on the countertop chatting with colleague in between sautéing the veggies. Like literal active/active multi task!!! I digress!!

With all this, the wired headset only made it worse. I couldn’t put the phone on charge, had to carry it all the time, deal with the tangled wire et all.

Later, I tried few models of Samsung ear buds and declare that galaxy buds live tops the list. Its comfortable to wear for long time, battery life is long and comes with noise cancellation. I can leave the phone on table while being on call walking around hands free. It feels very liberating. I have fallen in love with my buds live from all aspects.

Here is my beauty with whom I spend most of my time these days.