Archive | January 9, 2021


Warning – Incoherent post (You will understand why I want to keep myself busy after reading this post) Just one day, I decided to write about what was going on in my mind and see what has happened.

Same incident witnessed or experienced by two people can be later described from totally totally different perspective. Isn’t that mind blowing? Human relationship will be much more simple if perspective can be like a math equation 3+4 is always 7, neither 6 nor 8. I am laughing at myself for this analogy.

I have had first hand experience of being the receiver of this different perception of same incident and it literally blew my mind off and this experience only made me understand the narrator more deeper.

Take this example. You give a gift or help or share something with someone with their present situation not having any expectation.

First thought of

Person #1 – They feel happy and thank you genuinely for the help/gift.

Person #2 – They feel puzzled and think about what is the intention behind this act? What will they expect in return?

Person #3 – Observer of this incident. Comments that person #1 is doing this only for public recognition and show off.

We say character of a person is mostly defined by their upbringing. But, these two type of people could be from same family, have had almost similar experience, their upbringing could be from a similar setup, still what is that makes them have different perspective about the same incident?

Can Mindfulness or Meditation change the perspective of person #2?

While half of the world is screaming about Mindfulness and Meditation, have you come across anyone who doesn’t believe in this concept?

I better go to bed now!!!