Archive | January 10, 2021

Weekend tales

Went to temple, ate temple cafe food for lunch (yum) that demanded a siesta, lazed around in the evening, watched Maara in the night and called it a day. The movie was slow but I liked it. Its romantic drama genre. A relaxing day after a very very long time.

If Saturday was spent lazy then Sunday has to be productive to balance the weekend right? Right, so first half of the day was spent in Kitchen making

Fish fry
Idli batter
Curry leaves powder for Idli/dosa
Onion coconut hair oil
Filter coffee powder for next week(I have to grind store bought ground powder to make it finest to work in Indian filter coffee utensil)
Jeera powder
White rice

Later half was spent

  • Wrapping up Christmas decorations (Wish I could keep it for a little longer but its wise to do it when I get help)
  • Attend a Sewa session where inspiring stories about giving was shared.
  • Catching up with LHB’s school work (we can’t delay it anymore that this as they are Friday’s homework!!). He had a meltdown session today morning throwing tantrum to attend Math class. Am I still not famous for jinxing? He is a happy boy in general and doesn’t cry that easily unlike me but today he cried in front of his teacher and the teacher and I had to coax him about how Math is important for life **shaking my head heavily** Teacher got worried and called after an hour to check on him. She is planning to add some Math games from next session **shaking my head again** Sighh!!
  • Art session with LHB. We drew Ninjango Kai by following Arts for Kids hub video tutorial. We sat next to each other, drew step by step and colored it. It was very therapeutic for me.

Not bad for his first attempt. I am planning to do this more often with him. An hour well spent in the evening!