Archive | January 11, 2021

Work Anniversary

Today marks my 5th year work anniversary with current employer.

Of all the things, I was happy about the anniversary because now I have a topic for the day 🙂 blogathon baby..

The past 5 years in this company have transformed me tremendously both personally and professionally.

Learnings have not stopped yet and I am thankful for current role that I took up around same time last year. It’s a techno managerial role where I do both engineering and people leadership. The weekly 1-1 calls with team mates are my ways of staying social these days.

Just the feeling of being team’s decision maker made me grow an inch taller as I have hardly made major decisions on my own in life. Amma made all big decisions before marriage and then it was duly passes on to the partner. I am a good team player both at home and work executing other’s decision. But now, I am the decision maker for an entire team. It makes me accountable and watch my actions and words. This could have probably helped with my personal growth on react vs respond as well.

I love this company to bits for their vision and being socially responsible. They offer mindfulness and exercise session to employees on daily basis. Before pandemic, they conduct health check camps every quarter, offer 1-1 health coach, conduct yearly family holiday event and many more. The list is endless!

Today, I was rewarded an anniversary gift that I can order from an online catalog . The family took a look at the catalog on lunch table. LHB wanted a telescope and M wanted a coffee machine. Adi told me, don’t listen to them Amma. Its your gift, pick what you like 🙂 Girls are blessings!

LHB was upset that the company didn’t let each family member pick a gift LOLOL. He kept asking “can you pick only one gift?”

I haven’t decided on the gift yet. Hope to order it by this week.

Today has been a happy day 🙂