Calm is an app that keeps me sane these days. I love listening to the super quick 10 minutes daily calm session before going to bed. It helps to practice conscious breathing for few mins and then has a message/story about random topic each day. The narrator’s pleasant voice with gentle stream sound in the background puts the mind at peace.

The app also has many other meditation courses, guided meditation sessions, podcasts on various sensitive topics and bedtime stories. LHB and I try to listen to bedtime stories but they are long so we doze off before it ends. May be that is the purpose of it 🙂

My employer offered one year free subscription to all employees and I am definitely benefitting from it. Another app I have used in the past is “Insight Timer”. That’s good too. Check them out!

Sharing few quotes I loved from these daily calm sessions:

9 thoughts on “Calm

  1. I love the calm app too. Haven’t paid for the subscription but the free stuffs are good too. I have been addicted to guided meditation these days. They are just awesome

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