Christmas chronicles

I was watching a movie while staring at this page for past 2 hours. No luck.. So many thoughts passed by but didn’t feel like writing about any of them.

So, today is going to be about what happened on Christmas day! The boy is a true believer still so I had to play along. I usually play Santa after kids go to sleep on 24th but this year that wasn’t an option as we stayed at friend’s home on Christmas eve.

While returning home on 25th morning, the mind did some quick math and sent off the clan to buy some “essential” groceries after dropping me closer to home. I requested them to take their time to return while I rushed through creating Santa foot prints, wrapping all presents and put them under the tree. This is one of the hundredth moment I wish I had four hands. It’s only now, the family had an urge to return home as they needed a bio break!! Adi kept calling me every 5 minutes to check if the coast is clear to return (note the code language as LHB was right next to her!) She was excited too as she knew Santa wouldn’t let her down!

They returned home after a while and the events unfolded as expected. LHB jumped up and down, investigated the foot prints, declared the prints look like fake snow, opened all the presents and cheered up the whole family. Mission accomplished!!! Phew!

This is one tradition I will miss after he grows up!!!

P.S: Today is one of those days I feel low for unknown reasons. Hope tomorrow will be a new day!

Adi made this “puff pastry snack” for me as I didn’t get share from Apple pie. She later came to know this is favorite snack. It takes only 5 minutes to make this in air fryer! I love the twisted bow tie version of this snack sold in Iyengar bakery..


10 thoughts on “Christmas chronicles

  1. Wow, you go to the extent of making footprints too, that’s so sweet Ani !!
    Coincidentally I too am feeling low, take care Ani, tomorrow is going to be a better day 😊

  2. Enjoy while it still lasts, it was so much fun when the girls believed in Santa. Hats off to you for all the decoration in such short time. The snack by Adi looks tempting 😍

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