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Never have I ever

Joining fellow bloggers in writing about Never have I ever pandemic tales

  • Cooked so much that I would have otherwise taken a lifetime to cook. So much that today when I served veg semiya upma for breakfast, Adi asked where is the coconut chutney for side ma? They are clearly spoiled and I can say the kids have also eaten enough of India dishes for their lifetime.
  • I created an account in Instagram mainly to post my food pictures and as of now it has 246 posts with almost unique dishes.
  • Took a big step in Volunteering that I would not have taken in old times in the fear of not being able to give the time and energy. During pandemic, most of my free time was dedicated to this and it immensely helped me to sail through the tough times.
  • Handled a tough situation in a way that I am most proud of. Finally, my mind understood the power of acceptance and stay focused on my goal. It drained all my effort and energy for about 3 months but was all worth it and thinking about that experience now I feel calm and good.
  • Family time and I am genuinely enjoying all the family time as I remind myself every single day that we may never get to live under same roof like this ever again. So, I want to remember this period always for all the goodness it offered to me.
  • Staying at home for such a long period. The last time I would have stayed home for this long period would be when I was a baby before joining school. Ever since school, college, work happened and I never stayed home for this long. I am so thankful for moving in to this home at the right time as I could not imagine all 4 of us tackling our own work/school in previous home that was a townhome with less than 1000 sq.ft of living space!
  • Surya namaskar – I do 5 sets at least 5 days of a week in the morning. I love this routine and the stretches. I started with it beginning of pandemic, took few breaks and restart. I have a feeling this will stay with me as I have seen myself getting back to it after every break. It still takes an effort to get to it. I am waiting for the day when it becomes effortless like brushing and eating!
  • In general, I was less irritated, less agitated, less grudges, less mood swings, lesser breakdown sessions,. I don’t know what was the magic but the mind took a step forward in learning to accept, move on, let it go and stay positive though tears were rolling down my cheeks unconditionally. I never paused my duties, actually took up more and handled them all!
  • Make Chapathi at home. I gave up making of Chapathi at home some 10 years back and ever since we have been buying fresh rotis from stores. Recently, I learned OPOS technique to make atta dough and it changed my life. I make Chapathi at home now. Will do a separate post to show off my video of puffed roti 🙂
  • Make Urad dal vada with a hole in the middle. Seriously, it was made a big deal back home. I failed at few attempts and became a pro now. I make Ulundu vada for all festivals now. It’s an easy peasy task. I have a making video for this as well. Thanks to my videographer LHB. Will make a separate post

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