Long weekend tales

I am so grateful to get this one day extra off over this weekend as today was spent differently and I feel better

The day started with

  • Ragi uthappam with idli podi for breakfast followed by filter kaapi
  • Went for a long walk with next door neighbor
  • Visited another neighbor’s home, had relaxing chat over amazing chai with her and a common friend. When the family called me as it was lunch time, she gave me a box of tamarind based curry and asked me to just cook rice πŸ™‚
  • Picked up LHB from a play date from another neighbor’s home
  • Returned home in the hope to sit down and stretch but Adi asked with a puppy face if I can make a snack. How could I deny that? So, made almond flour muffins. They tasted very good.
  • Cooked rice, had lunch/dinner and muffin for dessert
  • Cleaned kitchen
  • Burned 300 cals in new treadmill
  • Oiled my hair with a short massage (what a relief)
  • Played a quick 10 minute family board game
  • Prep work for tomorrow’s lunch
  • Help LHB wrap up some of his work
  • Play bedtime story and tuck in LHB to sleep
  • Catch up on messages/emails/plan for tomorrow’s work
  • Write this post πŸ™‚
  • I will do my bedtime meditation and go to sleep after publishing this post.

Past two days were spent in binge watching “Lupin”, catch up on cooku with comali (based on high reco from Indu who was influenced by SS and Tharani). It was a stress buster for sure.

Cooked kung pao chicken for the first time and spent some time with LHB catching up on his cub scout activities (bird feed building, dinosaur museum virtual trip, making of dino snacks, making of thank you card for first responders)

Leaving you all with some pictures


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