Archive | January 20, 2021

Of course

Today’s post has to be about Mr.President’s inauguration. We took a break from all day long work calls to watch the inauguration. I had goose bumps watching it especially when Vice president Kamala Harris gave her speech. I was telling Adi to think about the journey of this lady that made her stand here today!

Later, this video popped up on my timeline. This couple stand as a role model to the role they played for this country. Even in today’s inauguration, I was only keen on spotting Obama in the crowd. Some people have the power to give you instant positive vibes and make you feel good. He is one among them!

Watch this video to know what compassion means and what it takes to appreciate your partner in a public forum. I have heard controversial comments about his public acts of care for Michelle but from what I have observed it just comes very natural for him.

It irony that I started writing about Biden’s inauguration and went on and on about Obama 🙂