Archive | January 21, 2021

Unpredictable mind

Mind is unpredictable. It’s very hard to predict when can it reach its high or low. It goes low or high for unknown reasons on some days. Just few days back it was on rock bottom low and today its at higher level for no reason. I couldn’t really point out the reason for neither low nor high! So weird!

I played some songs late afternoon, sang along much to the irritation of Adi who was busy prepping Lasagna for dinner. She kept correcting my vocal range and eventually gave up 🙂 Perks of working remote! I get to irritate the kid too often!

For those interested, the songs I played were thendral vandhu thendum bodhu, kanmani anbodu, mundhinam parthenae and adiye kolludhae 🙂 Imagine me singing along in abaswara raagam he heee!! Such a pleasure I say!! Not for the listeners though!!

H patti from old neighborhood called today morning and we had a quick chat about her health, my routine, kids and vaccine. Promised each other to reconnect over the weekend.

Another reason for happiness is paatiamma made a post about me (she mentioned I am responsible and all that. I am on cloud nine) and Tharani promised she will make a separate post for my comments. Sending my love to both of you.

Yesterday night at 10pm, I re-arranged my earrings collection. Thanks to RM for the awesome idea. I used the apple packaging box. I have been thinking about this since she posted and could never find a better time to do it. Not the 3 day long weekend, not the evening but only 10pm on a mid work weekday while LHB was still roaming around past his bedtime because his Amma was busy re-arranging her earrings. Didn’t I tell you in the beginning that mind is so unpredictable? I just had to do it!! A secret about this collection is I didn’t buy even one pair in this. All of them are either a gift or bought by Amma. Some earrings are from our blogger’s world. Can you point it?

That treasure box was the gift from my secret santa last year. She said this was a perfect gift as I am someone to be treasured 🙂 When your are in good mood, all good memories line up in your mind. When you are in bad mood, let’s not talk about that today!

Oh I burnt the tip of two of my fingers while cooking to balance all the goodness of this day! balance is very important! It is irritating as being in IT industry, tip of your fingers are the main investment to work. Amen.

Lasagna dinner by Adi. I saved my share in a secret spot for tomorrow’s breakfast because I am trying intermittent fasting.