Archive | January 22, 2021

Of Biriyani, Urad dal Vada, Phulka

Today was another normal day. I am thankful for that. A normal day is a blessing in the world we live in now.

After Visha and Tharani spoke about leftover biriyani, the taste started lingering in my mouth so I dreamed about Biriyani all night, woke up to the virtual smell of biriyani and made Egg biriyani for lunch. Only after eating it till my tummy cried to burst I came back to normal state. LHB demanded for Chicken biriyani and Adi convinced him saying Chicken is the secret sauce I mixed in the egg biriyani, that he cannot see it but it’s all over the biriyani. Little one fell for it and polished off the bowl. He heee *Poor guy has evil Amma and now evil Sissy too**

This girl has taken psychology course at school this year and using LHB as her guinea pig for all experiments. Often times, she also gives me parenting gyan about positive reinforcement, shaping, classical conditioning, operant conditioning yaada yaada… Shabbbaaa!!!!

I watch these videos when I want to feel better. Sharing my mastered art of making of “Urad dal vada with a hole” and “Phulka” video.


LHB is my videographer and this is an unedited original version. We didn’t do any voice over or make over.

Happy weekend to all!