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Of Extreme feelings, Titan watch, Amma’s letter, Dance

I have been wanting to write about a specific topic for few days now and keep pushing it. I will surely gather the courage to write about it before blogathon ends.

Today, day started with a long walk with LHB. Cooked peerkangai (ridge gourd) kadayal, ridge gourd skin thuvaiyal for lunch based on recommendation from school girl’s group. We renamed our group name as “Saapattu Ramigal” (Food crazies) :). Rest of the day was spent with intense cleaning of one room and few closets.

I am not exaggerating at all. Spent 2-9pm with no break just to clean master bedroom, bedroom closets and bathroom closets. LHB misplaces things very frequently these days. It drove me nuts today. I found his under pant in the draw where I keep my jewels, Adi’s pant under his toys, tiger balm under his books and socks stuffed inside pillow cover. Shabbaaaa!! This guy does all this in the name of cleaning. He just finds convenient nearby spot to hide things lying around and calls the room as clean!!! This was the most dreaded task and I am glad to have completed it today. I feel super exhausted. Adi served a slice of brownie cake drizzled with hersheys chocolate syrup/walnuts and a cup of filter kaapi in the evening that helped me to keep going!! She also made dosas for my dinner very patiently as I kept asking for more! I ate my dinner at 10pm like a monster gobbling up 4 dosas.

I feel exhausted, extremely tired but happy!

In the cleaning process, I also found some treasures and relived some happy memories

A letter from Amma – She sent this through M when he was traveling and I was already in US many many years ago. She clearly did not trust him and wrote this detailed letter to me about what to do with all goodies she sent me. The letter tells me how to store rice/Idiyappam flour, sweets and snacks for longer shelf life. She also explains how to make sweet and savory Idiyappam with the homemade flour. It is a 3 page letter. Publishing first page here 🙂

Titan watch – Amma bought this watch for my 10th board exam, in 1995. It was Rs.995/- and this was the titan model of the year. The first expensive gift I received and she never thought twice to buy this for me 🙂 Amma’s love is selfless with no expectation. How can we ever repay that love? Its only possible by following her footprints while performing the same role in current life!

These pictures are taken during my Bharathanatyam Salangai poojai held at Music academy, Royapettah 🙂 I played the role of Kuravan (male role) for one of the dance performance.. This reminds me of a funny incident.

M with his parents and relatives came to our home for the first time to get introduced to my family and this program was on the next day. I was not much interested in marriage proposals and was just waiting for them to leave so I can go to the studio for final practice session. When they were about to leave, Appa told about my dance function and gave an invitation to M. I was furious as I didn’t know anything about M at that time. I didn’t even know his name. Ours is a pakka arranged marriage. I thought he would not come but he came for the program and spoke to me when I was in the “male” costume as that was the last dance performance. I had invited my office colleagues and college friends as well and rumors spread like fire about M. The very next day, my colleagues started inquiring about him and I didn’t have an answer. I was cursing Appa every time someone asked about M. You know, how long it takes to confirm a marriage proposal back then right?

It took few months to confirm everything, marriage happened after 6 months, Adi happened soon after and little did I know that my Salangai poojai performance would me my last dance performance!!