Thithi – 2nd year

Today, we performed thithi 2nd year ceremony for FIL in the morning and I cooked an elaborate spread to offer to him and ancestors. I took morning half day off to keep my mind and time dedicated to FIL and cook the spread for him. Not to mention, I was forced into multiple power naps second half of the day. Its the zombie me typing this post so excuse any err…

An orange hibiscus blossomed today morning in indoor garden. May be that’s his way of blessing us from the above. I usually let the flowers stay that too now in winter when it’s so rare to have one but today the flower was meant for him.

Carrot/broad beans sambar
Raw banana fry
Arbi fry
Moong dal payasam
Urad dal vada

13 thoughts on “Thithi – 2nd year

  1. Your love and admiration for your FIL comes across in most of your posts about him. He must have been an amazing human and he is lucky to have you as his DIL β™₯️

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