Archive | January 28, 2021

Yet another day

I went to bed very early yesterday

Woke up very late today

Did not cook much today

Paying half attention to things that needs my full attention

Trying hard to keep the mind positive and move on though the negativity is ready at its tip to pull me down if I give a chance

Lot of incoherent thoughts have been going on in my mind all day today about unrealistic expectations, patriarchy, different type of challenges that people I know are going through including myself, that feeling of helplessness, suffocation, same roof but different world that we all live in yaada yaada…

Its yet another day to question everything!!!

And then I see Indu and Seema wrote almost similar post today. Tharani and RM wrote about blogging friends. The day I wrote a happy post, I saw many of you wrote happy post. The day I feel not so good and mind is occupied with train of thoughts, I see that reflected in my reader too. Or is this all my imagination?

What do I do on such low days? Play songs in loop. How can I end blogathon without even one music post when that has been my best companion through highs and lows every single day?

My recent loop list are mostly Acapella or Staccato or Mashup kinds. I usually play the Mix (50) from Youtube as it plays related music.

I enjoy the related recommendations as much as I hate all those personalized Ads!! Same as how enjoy waking up late in the morning as much as I hate to go to bed in the night **rolling_eyes_heavily**

This girl Niranjana Ramanan has sung a Staccato version “Raasave unnai nambi” that was in my loop for a very long time but for some reason I am not able to find that video now!

And then there was an Acapella performance of a collection of Chitra ma’s songs by a bunch of girls in Super singer that is also missing! What is going on?

And this girl Priyanka, what a mesmerizing voice she has

90’s mashup

Hope tomorrow will be a better day for the mind!