Archive | October 17, 2021

Front yard Tree

Thank you all for your condolences. M returned from India last night and as I thought my world is back to normal, it started to break down one after the other.

We woke up to this scene today morning. The tree gave up and leaned a little after last hurricane, I hoped she will survive but didn’t realize she was just waiting for M to return so she can rest her life. How did she knew that I will be overwhelmed to single handle her fall, how did she knew that I was exhausted and badly needed another adult around. Call me an emotional idiot, call me an exaggerator, call me lunatic, I don’t care. She will have a place in my heart forever for the kindness she has shown to me. We have kept parts of her trunk to make small sit outs in the backyard. She will keep me grounded and make me feel grateful about her selfless nature every time I see her trunk.

As I thought the day is over, second floor bathroom closet overflew and left behind a pool of water on the floor that also leaked to first floor.

We had to send back the pool guys who came to close pool as we were not prepared. The guys whom I secured an appointment after weeks of follow up!

There is this uncomfortable feeling that’s hard to explain to people around so I came to my little space to vent about it! I am grateful for this space.