Archive | January 3, 2022

2021 roundup

Blogathon calls for some “must-write” topics, one of that being introspection of previous year. 2021 has been a mixed bag for me!

First half of the year went by with usual chores/routine of online school, work, cooking, cleaning, repeat u like groundhog day with rare meet up with friends and neighbors.

Second half was eventful enough to cover up the first half!

Highlights of the year:

  • I was part of 100 day push up challenge. I did not do great with the challenge but learned how to do standard push up. I can now do at least 10 standard push up!
  • NY day trip with Adi and her friends (calls for separate post)
  • Sewa meals (Volunteer team served hot meal dinner twice every month the whole year and we are continuing with it)
  • Gardening group (calls for separate post)
  • Daily walk (I was regular with evening walk for one hour around neighborhood for first half of the year)
  • Adi turned 16 (calls for separate post)
  • College visits (the girl is super busy with college applications as I type this. We did few college visits over the summer)
  • Adi started to drive, she owns camry now with a student driver sticker and is driving us for local needs.
  • Single parenting for 2 months while M was away in India for family needs.
  • Mastering usage of Roti maker (took me 2 months to master the dough consistency to get puffed up roti and no looking back. No more store bought roti)
  • Single handled pool maintenance (My proudest achievement of the year. You will know when I make a post about it)
  • Loss of a life (MIL)
  • LHB DIY Halloween costume (separate post 🙂)
  • Promotion at work (beeg next leap in career as a leader and I hope to live up to the expectation of this role in 2022. More work to do in 2022!)
  • Solo India trip (separate post)
  • Sewa India girls hostel day trip (separate post)
  • Reading progress
  • Self improvement (I can safely say that I am teeny weeny bit stronger than last year. I am not a drop of the hat cry baby anymore and I realize that I don’t have to speak my heart to everyone! Only very few really listen to you with the same perspective. So, unsaid words make more sense in many situation)

I am super happy with this post as this will serve as my fodder for rest of this month *evil laughter*