Archive | January 7, 2022

Snow Snow

The first snow storm of this winter is here. We didn’t have much difference as everyone was working/schooling online anyways!

Remembering the days a decade ago when we eagerly wait for snow so adults can work from home (it was a privilege back then and we can only work from home if there is a valid reason to do so) and kids will have school holiday. The day will be special with family times, building snowman in the backyard, baking, staying indoors, playing board games and watching family movie! It was a rare time to have everyone together at home and have downtime.

Now, we are staying indoors for almost 2 years and nothing sounds special. We have quick family time, movie time, play games, bake and do all that stuff but they don’t feel special anymore. Not as special as it sounded a decade ago!

Good or bad, everything is good as long as its balanced. Remembering Somras from Shiva Trilogy!

LHB played in snow and sled with his friend at a neighborhood spot that’s empty and downhill. They had lots of fun!