Archive | January 11, 2022

Adi’s 16th birthday surprise

On her birthday, I took the day off to spend the time undivided with my daaru (darling daughter) who is turning 16 only once in her lifetime 🙂 (too dramatic 😁 we also say it as maska chaska at home). Frequently spoken words at home these days when someone tries to be dramatic is “too much maska chaska, just get to the point!!)

For her 15th birthday, I managed to arrange for a surprise zoom call with her old neighborhood friends. Luckily I had one of her friend’s contact number and she helped to coordinate with other friends and keep me informed about the plan. I had to constantly delete her text as Adi stalks my phone at random times.

I told Adi that our family friends wants to wish her on a video call and made her join the call 5 minutes late while all her friends were waiting in the call to wish her as a group! boom she was surprised and it was a mission accomplished proud moment for me 🙂

For 16th birthday (16 being a special number in this country), I decided to take it to next (vera) level. Our family friends daughter’s had school holiday so I planned to bring them home in the morning as a surprise. We had a small party at home with neighbors in the evening. My friend helped with all logistics to order food, bring it home in the evening and help to serve/cleanup. M had a minor surgery early May so my friend family’s help for this party was a great help!

I made a store run in the morning (or so Adi thought) when she was busy with online school. But actually I drove to my friend’s home, picked up the girls and brought them home. I made them come via front door, go upstairs and hide behind Adi’s bed while Adi was in the kitchen and I entered via garage to the kitchen as if nothing happened. Adi called me when we were on our way back and was unusually extending the talk while the girls had to try their best to not laugh loud. We were talking on car speaker and I was probing her about how our family friend forgot to wish her while the friend’s daughter were right next to me in the car 😄

After the girls hid behind the bed, I asked Adi if she looked at the surprise in her room. She was like “what surprise?” and ran upstairs to her room! As she entered the room, the girls popped out and shouted “happy birthdaaayyy”. She was in total shock and it was another year of “mission accomplished” proud moment for me 😀 They laughed hard for a good 10 minutes!

LHB gifted these handy items to Adi so she can take with her to college

Rest of the day the girls spent time chatting non stop and made Oreo chocolate cake. It was a failed attempt and somehow later in the day they made it presentable and Adi cut this cake in the party.

It was a last minute planned party and my sweet 3 neighborhood families agreed to come. One of the little girl gifted this poster. It seems she worked on it all day!

Mommy was super happy about the way her daaru’s special day was spent!

I will do a separate post about her party with friends!