One of my friend asked me a random question today that reminded me of a family discussion we had last week at dinner table

When are you planning to retire from IT?

M asked me the same question last week and before I could respond, Adi jumped into it. She said I can retire 28 years from now because that’s when current home mortgage ends!!

M followed saying “there is really no age limit to retire in IT and I can chose to work beyond 28 years too”

I just responded with a good 5 minutes hearty laugh while they both were busy finalizing my retirement plan!

When M asked the question, my immediate thought was “Just nod your head slightly and I will retire tomorrow!” Imagine the state of a pour soul listening to the conversation above while this thought is running in her mind! All she could do in that situation is to laugh it out! That’s exactly what she did!

I rest my case people! This clan of mine has planned out my entire life day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

I am behind in catching up on all your posts. Will get to them over this weekend. Its going to be a loong weekend yayy!!


2 thoughts on “Retirement

  1. Lol, I dunno if I would ever retire if I could keep going. The financial part aside, I enjoy what I do. Can’t even think of retiring at this point.

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