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Happy Pongal

அணைவருக்கும் இனிய பொங்கல் திருநாள் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

Happy pongal to all my lovely readers!

//Copying below from previous year’s pongal post. I will continue to copy this every year as every single word in this will hold true forever and ever

Pongal brings back so much of childhood memories. I am glad to have recorded it all in this blog.
My paternal grandpa, my village, home full of elders, relatives visiting every other minute, coffee/tea boiling non stop, pongal cooking in front yard on new mud pot with turmeric plant wrapped around it, mango leaves thoranam, chithappas, periyappas, anna, akka, mama, maami.

Paal pongiyacha?? heard one thousand times in this day, endless eating of farm cut fresh sugarcane. I am glad to have experienced and lived a rich childhood.

This year is more special as I had a chance to share these memories with Adi as she had to write an essay about a unique family culture. She read all my pongal posts and I was happy to share all my memories associated with this festival.

Today, I did a trailer version of the delicacies as it was working/school day and we offered to in laws. Planning to cook large portion tomorrow so kids can be part of the ceremony.

On the platter:
Sakkarai pongal
Ven pongal
7 kari kootu

Once again, a very happy pongal to you all !!