Archive | January 15, 2022

Seven on Saturday

  • Last night we had good family time while trying to setup LHB’s Xbox console in basement TV. Adi was reading old blog posts about her antics and we all were laughing so hard! She laughed even more pointing out all grammatical mistakes in my old posts! We were reliving her childhood memories while LHB was busy playing games!
  • House is a mess. Is it so hard to clean up after a task is done? Every task by the clan is only 60% done. Decorating lights taken down from front yard are sitting in living room, lawn mower battery charger taken out to crush fall leaves are sitting in counter top, washed clothes are piled up at every bedroom and hallways, family room couch is surrounded by empty coffee cups, kitchen scale taken out to measure something is sitting on kitchen counter top, hair trimmer and extension cord used for hair cut are lying down in bathroom floor, random socks on floors!! Seriously, its driving me nuts!!! Are they only visible to my eyes? I am tired and exhausted!!
  • Made another batch of ven pongal, sakkara pongal, 7 veg kootu, urad dal vada today. LHB and Adi praised it as the best vada they ate so far 😇 Shared food with neighbors!
  • Caught up with blog reader backlog 🙂
  • I had a heavy vent out session with Adi today morning. I don’t know what will I do after she goes off to college later this year. I must say she is a very good listener!
  • Its -14°c outside as I type this and it doesn’t look promising for next few days. I am either tucked inside blanket or spend my time at kitchen heat! Gone are the days when I went out for walk in winter.
  • I am super sleepy after dumping bowls of pongal in batches all day today. Pardon any mistake in this post!! Good night peeps!