Archive | January 16, 2022


Adi’s latest craze! She can have it all 7 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

On Thursday, she asked if she can have Chipotle for dinner as a reward to getting booster shot. I convinced her to get it on Friday as there was already food cooked for Thursday and it can save me time from cooking on Friday. She accepted the offer!

On Friday, M proposed to pray and offer food to my in laws for Pongal padayal so we decided to not eat non vegetarian that day. She gets Sofritas but was convinced once again as we usually go with chicken bowl! So, decision was made and agreed to buy on Sunday as I already planned to cook another batch of elaborate Pongal feast on Saturday!

On Saturday night, I got call from our friend’s family, both of them were down from booster shot and unable to lift one arm. I instantly decided to cook for them the next day. Once again, had to convince Adi to buy Chipotle on Monday as I am already cooking on Sunday. The poor girl is convinced!

I hope she can buy it tomorrow!! She has patience is all I can say!

So today, most part of the day was spent in Kitchen making and packing below dishes!

Mutton kuzhambu
Chicken pepper masala
Chicken sukka fry

My lunch plate

M and Adi have gone to deliver the food while I washed all the dishes, cleaned kitchen and now giving company to LHB as he is playing Rocket league! I suck at this game and he is roasting (learned this word from Seema) me like anything!! I gave up (rather he gave up on me) and resorted to drafting this post while he continues to play for both of us!!

All that’s left to do for today is my walk and then I can put my feet up!

Tomorrow is holiday and just that thought make me grin wide 😁