Archive | January 17, 2022

Tired and the act of Sigh

Today was a productive day so I will just write about it with a little rant!

We ventured out as a family today. First stop was of course at Chipotle, ate lunch in the car and then drove to a furniture shop that was looong due! like 6 months due and finally ordered a couch for family room. Plan is to move current couch to basement so I also ordered a rug too for the basement.
Its called tiger rug😀

Came back home, cleared up all Christmas decorations, packed, stored them neatly. Then, attacked the clothes mountain! It took around 4 hours just to tackle these two tasks but it was therapeutic and thankfully the clan jumped in to share the work so I was able to wrap it in 4 hours 🙄

Spent some time with LHB to catch up on his Math sheets as a test is coming up this week. He was whining all along and in recent times he started Sigh-ing very often. You know how we express our stress by a big sigh when something unacceptable happens? like when we are at loss of words, we just take a deep breath and sigh? LHB does this very often these days and I blame myself as this is my trademark act! I really hope he outgrows this soon and I have already started practice to stop myself so he follows suit!!

Work week starts tomorrow. I was hoping to get one day as rest day in this long weekend but I am ending it on a very tired note! Nevertheless, I am happy as all long pending work got done! I can have a peaceful work week ahead!