Tired and the act of Sigh

Today was a productive day so I will just write about it with a little rant!

We ventured out as a family today. First stop was of course at Chipotle, ate lunch in the car and then drove to a furniture shop that was looong due! like 6 months due and finally ordered a couch for family room. Plan is to move current couch to basement so I also ordered a rug too for the basement.
Its called tiger rug😀

Came back home, cleared up all Christmas decorations, packed, stored them neatly. Then, attacked the clothes mountain! It took around 4 hours just to tackle these two tasks but it was therapeutic and thankfully the clan jumped in to share the work so I was able to wrap it in 4 hours 🙄

Spent some time with LHB to catch up on his Math sheets as a test is coming up this week. He was whining all along and in recent times he started Sigh-ing very often. You know how we express our stress by a big sigh when something unacceptable happens? like when we are at loss of words, we just take a deep breath and sigh? LHB does this very often these days and I blame myself as this is my trademark act! I really hope he outgrows this soon and I have already started practice to stop myself so he follows suit!!

Work week starts tomorrow. I was hoping to get one day as rest day in this long weekend but I am ending it on a very tired note! Nevertheless, I am happy as all long pending work got done! I can have a peaceful work week ahead!


8 thoughts on “Tired and the act of Sigh

    • LHB and I were busy wrestling all night, He was trying to pull my hair and I was trying to stop him. Had so much fun *cry loud*
      Its my fault. He slept in his bed like a nalla paiyyan and I sneaked into his bed!! We both squeeze in half of a single bed while the king bed is empty in same room! some habits are hard to change!

  1. Hopefully you got a good rest before starting this work week today… my folding laundry is still pending… I hate that job… I could just visualize LHB sighing looking at his maths sheets 😂

  2. It’s so embarrassing to see your kids showing you the mirror, lol. Agree with your strategy, they will stop it only if we do. Good luck with that Ani. Your laundry load reminds me that I have 3 loads to go through tonight, sigh!!

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