India trip – Part 1

I made solo trip to India in 2020. My dream came true. I was planning for this since beginning of 2020. My initial plan was to go in early Sep to be with parents for their milestone wedding anniversary and my birthday but as you all know M had to emergency travel to India during this time so I moved my plans to late November. Idea was to return before start of winter holidays so I will be home when kids are home!

As the travel date got closer, I booked our regular driver Anna to pick me up from Chennai airport. I told him strictly to not tell parents. As promised, he met me at the airport, my friend family came for a quick visit and then we set to drive to Thanjavur. It is 6 hours drive to home. I had plans to meet my friends for lunch en route but cancelled it as it was raining heavily that day. Driver Anna called Amma when we were few hours away and inquired if she is home as he is planning to visit her with a guest in the evening. She asked him to buy sweets and snacks while coming as she didn’t have anything at home to offer to guest 🙂 She was curious but driver Anna managed to not reveal and kept the call short 😀

We arrived home, I was waiting inside car till Amma came closer to front door and she was leaning down to see who is inside the car, I got down, ducked for a second and then opened the gate. She started crying loud upon seeing me, called out for Appa. He came out quick assuming something bad has happened and both were shocked to see me standing there 🙂 We had a group hug for few minutes until they settled (I tried to avoid hug due to long travel but couldn’t resist). Then, I went off to take shower while Amma went to make fresh gama gama filter kaapi for me 🥰 Neighbor came home hearing the sound and Amma clarified its all good news! It took both of them few days to come out of this shocking surprise 🙂 Driver Anna captured the moment in video. Here is a snapshot of our group hug from video 🙂

Click before landing in Singara Chennai, the feeling at this moment is priceless!!

To be contd..


12 thoughts on “India trip – Part 1

  1. I have tears in my eyes Ani, can totally relate to this feeling. I did this once to my Mom…she too, was shocked beyond belief…! Wishing you all many more such moments of togetherness.

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