Archive | January 22, 2022

Summer job

Adi took her first job in Summer 2020. She worked at CVS store for 2 months. I was surprised by her dedication. She took shifts on some Friday’s from 8am-4pm and always 5 minutes early for her shift! Its a job where she can’t sit, have to be at the register or organize items in shelves. She gets a quick lunch break and that is it!

I have made few trips to the store during her shift just to bully her 🙂 I tell her coworkers that I am her mom much to her annoyance and walk around the store with a proud look! She saves $2 coupons to buy candies for her and LHB! The little one used to promptly ask “What did you bring today Akka?” and they share a skittles pack or a hershey’s bar!

I was expecting her to buy something for me on the last day but she brushed it off by saying there is nothing in that store that will suit me! She said, maybe I can get you a gallon of milk. Do you want that??!!What can I say? I sigh-ed!!

Her earnings are intact in her savings account. If at all she spends from it then M reloads it for her. Its funny to see their conversation about this.
Adi: Appa, I spent $8.42 today!
M: Ok, give me a sec, let me credit $10 into your account!
Adi: danke

So, with this rounding off business, she actually has more than what she earned in her account right now😁

Digressing to my childhood memory

I used to do the same with my Appa. I will save up to Rs.80 and then exchange the coins and notes with Appa for a 100 rupee note. When it reaches 400 or 450, exchange it for 500 rupees note 🙂 I earned by doing chores at home mostly quick trip in my bicycle to Annachi’s store or meat shop and that will get me 2 rupees. My paternal grandpa always used to give us money during every visit. He decides on the amount based on what we do. My brother always received more than me. I received Rs.10 until 10th grade and graduated up to Rs.500 when I joined work! He will take more than 10 minutes to get this money out of this purse aka layers of neatly folded newspaper, the money will be hidden between the layers and only he can find it. He will keep different denominations in different layers.. Happy memories ❤

That’s Adi in blue jeans waiting for store to open on her first day! It was a busy store and mostly elders visit this store. She used to share interesting customer stories on most days. How an old man lost his cool and started yelling at her for no fault of hers, how an old lady was looking for something, how another randomly accused all staff for unknown reasons, how she messed up payment for a customer etc…