Archive | January 23, 2022


I come to this space end of the day, write about a topic and disappear. I am few days behind on reader! Hope to get to it soon. I wanted to write about a different topic today but something else happened in the evening that took precedence.

LHB received an invitation from school to take part in American Heart Association fundraiser. Fundraiser invitation from school is common in this country and we usually don’t pay much attention to it. This time, LHB was behind us for few days to take part. I finally sat down today evening to look at the details.

On a whim, we signed up, completed few activities and I decided to share it in my Facebook timeline that was long dead. Its been years I posted anything in FB as its now a mix of school friends, college friends, family, extended relatives, ex-colleague, current colleague, family friends, extended family friends, distant cousin’s distant cousin, her sister and everyone else. It’s hard for me to decide what to post and what not. So, I decided to be a spectator few years back, that too not a frequent visitor.

We set the goal as $100 and in just few minutes, LHB received his first donation. It was from my ex-boss and it was a huge amount. We were thrilled and LHB sent him a video thank you message. This incident triggered a chain of thoughts that left me overwhelmed. It reminded me of this video. We all just have to pay it forward and the chain continues. I hope LHB remembers this incident and chose to support good cause when its his turn to give back to the community.

I am at loss of words to express my gratitude and today has been a day filled with gratitude. I will save to write more about today’s other happenings in another post!