Archive | January 27, 2022

Sigh update

Do you all remember my post about how LHB picked up Sigh-ing from me? So, the mommy brain came up with an idea after squeezing it like an orange! LHB’s birthday is around the corner and I decided the make the best use of it. We came up with this chart and its been taped to the refrigerator door. I can see considerable difference with the Sigh-ing and Whining! *evil mommy laughter*

He started the chart with 100 robux credits (he later corrected it to 400 robux). For uninitiated, robux is like points you can use to buy items in Roblox game. Plan is to deduct 1 point when he does something from every category and he will get remaining robux on his birthday! He got 2 points on 22nd and as you see he strike it out! As of today he stands at 396 robox!

I have to come up with another idea after birthday business is over! Life goes on!