Archive | January 30, 2022

2021 trips to remember

Recording the trips we made last year amidst pandemic. This wraps up all that I wanted to record about 2021 in this little space of mine.

Pennsylvania and NY day trip:
Visited Neshaminy state park in the morning and went on a drive through trip to NY in the afternoon. Its funny how kids didn’t even let us roll down car windows because at that point they were scared if Corona is air borne! 6 hours of drive from PA to NY streets to back home.

LHB gave this bouquet to me


Popcorn Zoo:
Day trip to Popcorn Zoo with LHB and neighbor kid. The zoo was filled with peacock roaming around freely and to my surprise we spotted White tiger, Lion, Brown tiger and many more zoo animals. Kids were allowed to feed pop corn to some animals which made it an interesting trip for them.

Atlantic City:
Day trip to Atlantic City with friend’s family during 4th of July long weekend. Spent most of the time in beach and amusement park. Loved the beach view from top of Ferris wheel and rainbow was an added bonus!

This is the only college visit we did last year for Adi. We had plans to do more trips but couldn’t as M had to travel to India in summer. This was a 2 day trip. We visited few colleges in and around Boston, stayed at an extended family’s home and ate at famous food joints near college campuses. Canes chicken near Boston University, Peri peri chicken near Brown University, Qdoba near North Eastern, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream near Yale and this is how we identify each college now, with food place near the campus 🙂 I was lucky to find a local artisan shop and bought this handmade basket to store couch pillows in family room. Its made in Bangladesh, you can read more details in the image below.

This was my first time experience canoeing. It was organized by LHB’s scout group and I enjoyed though kids kept complaining about constant rowing and having unexpected visitors in the boat (spiders were everywhere). This place is around 40 minutes away from home and we did this for about 1.5 hours.

NY upstate:
I wanted to take kids out for few days before school started and our friend’s family agreed to take us. It was 2 day trip to upstate NY. We visited Watkins glen state park, Corning glass museum, Winery and had good food at local Mexican restaurant. The state park had steep hike around water falls and it was breathtaking. A must place to visit if you haven’t been there yet! I absolutely enjoyed every bits of this park filled with nature, hike, water falls.

In addition, we occasionally dined out at few local restaurants and visited local park!