Promise I kept

I promised you all and more to myself that I will read every posts all my fellow blogathon friends. Realistic promise to self was to complete it by end of February and I did it yayy!! I took my own time reading one blogger at a time, MTW, Tharani, FV, RS, Prachee, Seema. Am I happy or Am I happy? I am super happy.

Life is as always happening on full swing in all directions with mixed bag of emotions! If one day is painted all bubbly, next day is painted all gloomy and the very next day is painted with no time to breathe!!

I want to write about one more challenge that I started to follow around end of December but that has to wait till end of March as that’s the next milestone I had set for myself.

For all our old bloggers reading this post, its a humble request for all of us (FV, MTW, Tharani, Seema, RS, Prachee), please plan to join next year blogathon. I know its too early to commit but please think about it. The more the merrier and others have also requested the same in their posts!

I feel so accomplished and happy today 🙂 Planning to make a quick trip to local temple in the evening to attend one of the Maha Shivarathiri kaala poojai!

Another exciting news to share is we are returning to work starting 1st March. Its once a week for now and I am so looking forward to it as we get complimentary food *sheepish grin*

Take care you all! I will see you all by end of March!


8 thoughts on “Promise I kept

  1. Hey Ani, I woke up to your comments this morning and it made my day. Look at you reaching goals and milestones, forever inspiring us to put our best foot forward, Rooting for you girl ❤

  2. It feels so good to read your posts… will definitely not miss participating in blogathon no matter what little content and crappy content I have 😀
    It’s so good that life is beginning to look like old times 🤞🏼

  3. Thanks Ani…it is because of friends like you, I keep coming back here.

    Thankyou for taking out time to read and comment, I really appreciate it.

    Keep writing abt your journey and milestones as and when u feel like…keep inspiring us 🙂


  4. Yayyy !! I’m in for the next blogathon too, can’t miss the fun of it. Will wait to hear about your other challenge.
    Glad to hear that your office has started. Must be exciting to work at actual workplace 😀
    Ours too may start sometime this month.

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