Happy 17th

Dear Adi,

I can’t believe that I missed to write birthday letter to you this year! Is life at such a crazy state? Well, better late than never so let me at least write a birth month letter.

You are continuing to grow as a beautiful young lady. I am super proud of your college application journey. You did it all with very little support from us right from researching to short list colleges to apply, go through application process and apply for colleges. You received few of everything rejections/waitlists/acceptances. It was very hard to see you walk around when the rejections came in one after the other but the best was saved for last. Finally, you received acceptance from your second most dream college and committed to this college after the campus visit. This is not in our league in any possible angle. The campus is not closer to home, you are not choosing a familiar career path course and the tuition is a stretch for us but this is where your heart is at this point and we decided to honor your decision as it was earned by you with your hard work and dedication. You may choose a different path later but I am confident that you will learn a lot in this journey and make wise choices as you go along!

It was a very stressful year for you dear and I must admit that you managed it pretty well. You are good at balancing life. Now that all big decisions are done and dusted, you are spending more time with your friends and having good fun times! You were sick on your birthday and your friends A & J came home, played birthday song from front yard, dropped off presents and had a little conversation with you from a distance!

As it has become a tradition now, I drove LHB to store and he bought cute little presents for you. When I tried to suggest a gift, he told me in a firm tone, “Amma, you may have spent more time with her but I know her better, just follow me and I will pick up the presents for her!”

You are independent in all ways darling, we share our own annoy each other moments but you have grown so much that I am struggling to draw my line with just offering suggestions. You will soon start to drive on your own too.

You planned and hosted an art theme birthday party with friends at local park. We just assisted you with some logistics.

I will do a separate post about the senior assassin fun game experience 🙂

I can’t believe that you will be living far from us from your next birthday! As I always say, have “empathy” for people around you and try your best to take “morally right” decisions though it may not be “politically right” always!

You are the pride of our family kannamma! Stay happy, Stay healthy!

Here is one of the gift your brother bought for you 🙂

Loads of love,


6 thoughts on “Happy 17th

  1. Wish you a Very Happy Birthday Adi !!! God bless you and may you experience wonderful moments in the coming phases of life and build great memories !!! Congratulations on the big success and Wishing you all the best !!!

  2. Happiest 17th to Adi….that’s pretty much all grown up stuff she is doing.
    Can’t believe how these little ones grow up so fast…!!

    Good luck for her future endeavours..

    Loved LHB’s apt reply on choosing gifts 😉

  3. Happy Birthday to this beautiful young lady… through your blogs most of us have come to know and love Adi and what an amazing girl she has grown up to be… wishing her loads of happiness and good luck as she starts to maneuver life’s journey on her own… I don’t know how I missed this post… but better late than never… may god bless her and always keep her safe ❤️❤️🤗🤗

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