Call for blogathon 2023

Cutting straight to the point 🙂 Are you in or in? Okay, so you are in? Good, now follow these tiny little steps to warm you up. We have 31 days of marathon to run.

Note – If you are reading this post, I assume you have peeked into WordPress reader to see if anyone have initiated blogathon and this also confirms that you still remember your blog space credentials. Great start!

Step 1 – Open your blog site and read the posts from the past. Spend some time to read your best posts. Now, you will be more inspired to join blogathon.

Step 2 – Write a post, repost MTW’s post and call for more bloggers to join this yearly special tradition.

Step 3 – Wait for 1st Jan to officially start the marathon

See you all soon 🙂


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