Archive | January 3, 2023

2022 round up

I am feeling very tired today. I hope to catch up on all your posts in the long drive that’s coming up. I feel guilty to not be able to blog hop as much as I want to 😦

2022 has been a year of realization at different levels. Work was great, it became my happy place. Returned to office in March and they made it exciting by giving food coupons. Office days turned out to be my sanity days 🙂

January to March – Usual and we were waiting for college decisions
April – College campus visits, college decision
May – School senior assasin game (I have to write about this)
June – School graduation, Senior Prom
August – US Open game in person stadium experience, Europe trip
September – Adi started her work
October – Restarted my weight loss journey
Nov/Dec – Preparing for Adi’s move out

So, 2022 was majorly revolving around Adi and her priorities. I want to write more about each of the topic mentioned above. Hope to write them all :fingers-crossed