Archive | January 4, 2023

Senior assassin game

A game that school seniors (12th graders) play towards end of school year. Game rules goes like this

Each player will play as both target and assassin (they will be a target to another player, and they will be an assassin to another player). They will be assigned a target and they have to hit the target with water balloon outside school campus, outside home and not when they are seated the car so mostly when the target is outside walking or playing or running. They move on to next round if they hit their target and if they don’t get hit by their assassin.

It’s voluntary game, Adi and her friends chose to play the game. 2+ weeks was assigned for each round and the game went until there was a final winner. Oh my god, the strategies these kids came up with to hit their target and not getting hit was mind blowing. At a certain point, we started helping too. They form small groups to attack, the target of another target helps the assassin of another assassin so her assassin can get out of the game. So, it was like a chain of chains!

Adi’s assassin’s friends were literally living around our home hiding inside bushes for an entire week to watch her for their friend. Th best time to hit was in the morning when she steps out of garage to get into car to go to school or the evening when she returns from school. She boarded car inside garage and tried to head out and these kids blocked our driveway. They didn’t let her go. Next day, she went to neighbor’s home from our back door and my neighbor dropped her at school. One of the days, it was raining hard, and this guy was outside as usual blocking our driveway. When I tried to head out, he came out of his car, checked my car to make sure Adi is not inside and then went back to his car to wait for her. He was drenched in rain but didn’t care about it. Some days they blocked the whole road. I am not kidding or exaggerating at all, this guy and his friends were literally living in our neighborhood for about a week

This picture scene is at 6:50am in the morning when the kids head out to school. They blocked the road to make sure she doesn’t escape from any nook!

On the day before last day of second round, the assassin sat in front of our car garage for almost 6 hours and didn’t let Adi get inside home. He wanted her to get out of the car so he can get her with water balloons. After waiting for 2 hours, this girl got out from the other side of the car when he was distracted for a second, ran into the backyard and escaped from him. He left saying he will come back tomorrow and not giving up until the last minute. And he thanked us for allowing him to hang around in our driveway. At this point, we weren’t sure if we should support this game or not as it was getting too serious! Our neighbors also got involved in the game and started calling for daily updates 🙂

Next day, Adi was out all day, her assassin had game day, so he came home straight from the game with his teammates and started waiting/blocking our driveway. He didn’t know that she was not home and waited for a really really long time. I went to pick up Adi late in the night and had a talk with her on the drive back home about how she should surrender to credit all the efforts of this guy. Her friends were telling her not to surrender. My point was that she cannot go to next round as she didn’t get her target and didn’t put as much effort as this guy so she might as well surrender and allow him to go to next round. She was in mixed thoughts. Finally, she asked him to come home around 11pm (1 hour before the round ends) and surrendered. He was super happy as he gets to go to next round. She was super mad at my suggestion and didn’t talk to me for next 2 days.

Do you see her inside the car? He blocked the garage, so she has to step out of the car to go inside home 🙂

We all had fun playing this game. Some of them got their bestie as assassin and gets hit by water balloon at the least expected time. They had to record the event and post it in group to prove that they got the target. I was watching all those videos 🙂 The whole game was fun and sometimes scary too 🙂 I was rooting for Adi’s assassin and Adi was making fun of me later that suddenly he became my favorite child 🙂 Seriously, I was super impressed with his efforts.