Archive | January 6, 2023

Letter to Adi

I wrote this letter during today’s drive. Planning to print and give it to Adi when we leave tomorrow.

Dear Adi,

This is tough but just remember that it’s all for a greater good. Appa, Amma and LHB are super proud of you and will continue to root for you. I can’t believe from tomorrow there will be a physical distance of 800 miles between us! When you feel low, think of the reasons that brought you here and when we feel low, we will think of all the warm memories we had as a family. To quote a few from this year

  • Thanksgiving dinner cooked by all of us as a family under your supervision while DJ playlist running in the background
  • Adventurous trip to Europe, Matterhorn glacier paradise cable car ride
  • Amma losing my phone in Paris
  • The double room that we stayed in Paris with a beautiful view of Eiffel Tower (LHB and you called it your own home and didn’t allow Appa and me to step into that room, when I asked something you both said yelled in unison “our house our rules”)
  • Taxi chase to catch the return flight at Milan airport
  • Your parents were rooting for Mr.E in senior assassin game
  • You drove us crazy for 4 months to select your prom dress and finally got one just few days before the prom. It was a beautiful dress though!
  • First car accident and dealing with claims and insurance
  • You and your friend Ms.R were frightened the day she had a car accident when you riding with her
  • NY ball drop experience (remember the 1.37-minute walk on the streets amidst heavy crowd with police sirens blaring loud)
  • Visit to the old neighborhood and visit Helen patti, Mr.Fred
  • Days we make family’s recent favorite food – chipotle chicken bowl
  • Vacation at Myrtle beach
  • Your friend’s surprise visit on your birthday to wish you from the front yard
  • US open game watch from the box at NY stadium
  • Warm moments you had at Starbucks when you worked there (being greeted by elders, having Tamil speaking customers)

And many more darling! I am sure thinking of each of these moments will make you relive those memories with a smile. These moments are special to our family and will live with us forever to cherish.

Now, it’s time to move on to next phase of life. Trust me, it’s going to be fun and beautiful. Make lot of friends and enjoy this journey Kannamma. Don’t forget the big bear tight squeezy hugs you promised me. I can’t wait to get it tomorrow.


  • Sleep well (catch up on sleep)
  • Better food choices (less junk)
  • Safety and health first, everything else next
  • Call LHB every day

Much Love ❤️
Appa, Amma and LHB