Archive | January 9, 2023

Europe Trip – Part 1

The princess of the home wanted to do a Europe trip last summer, so we did. Started planning in May and travelled in August. Adi finalized the places to visit, and M took care of the logistics. She wanted to explore on our own so our proposal to go by travel agent did not materialize!

Planning was difficult mostly because it was hard to get the time of all 3 of us to work together to finalize daily itinerary and hotel to stay. This became a mini end of the day project for all of us to just plan one day at a time. We were going back and forth on some decisions that delayed the planning and we were planning till the day we boarded flight.

Itinerary: 15 days
US -> London -> Paris -> Switzerland -> Italy (Venice – Rome – Pisa – La Spezia) -> Milan -> London -> US

While in Switzerland, we received a message from Rome tour operators that our main tour has been cancelled. We were lucky as we stayed in Rome for 2 days and were able to squeeze the tour into another day. The free day was used for doing laundry at Rome 🙂

As we were travelling almost every day to the next destination, we decided to take only hand luggage, one for each! I was skeptical about this decision, but it worked like a charm! Made it easy for us to navigate

One of my friends gave us a backup phone with T-Mobile connection. We used the data plan from this phone and accessed data in our phone via mobile hotspot. Again, this worked like a charm!

We exchanged currencies of every visiting country at the airport just to be on safer side. Most places accepted credit cards and it’s good to keep some currency in hand

I will write about the highlights, why La Spezia and few other interesting experiences from this trip in another post. Shoot any questions you have about Europe travel, and I will try to answer them.