Archive | January 12, 2023

History repeats – Earring story

Today I went to office. I call office day as my sanity day as I walk straight to cafetaria and treat myself to complimentary breakfast and coffee. Right after that I do some quick touchups before heading to the desk

Today for a small change I walked into the washroom first to brush my hair. Removed my winter jacket and noticed my favorite earring is missing in one of the ears. Read more about this earring in this post

Panic mode on. Its been 2 hours since I left home and I drove the car to bus stop, took an hour long bus ride, then took a subway train and walked 5 minutes to reach the office. The ring could have fallen down anywhere. I was just about to burst out and told myself to at least walk back till the station to look for it. I knew the probability of getting it very very less but just wanted to put in some effort from my side to search for it.

Those 5 minutes of thinking of all the possibilities of where could it be at this moment drove me crazy. I cursed myself for wearing it after losing it once! I promised to keep it safe if I got it back. But then what is the point? I am not going to get it anyways! As you can imagine, mind was at its best to make me feel worser!

Then came a flashing thought, what if it feel down at home in the morning while I was getting ready? I called M who was working from home, explained the situation, he looked around and said he can’t find it. I was about to cut the call and heard him say “Its here”. I didn’t believe him and asked him to send a picture. My world got back to business as usual after looking at the picture! So, I spent the day happily at work with no earrings (this is very very rare of me to not wear an earring)

Now, should I continue to wear this earring or keep it safe? What do you all think?

Office day was awesome. I met with a girl who joined my company after I mentored her. She said she has been applying my advices both in professional and personal life, she thinks of me very often and the impact is real. Had back to back meetings all day and was able to break for 15 minutes at 330pm to grab quick lunch. Sneaked in a quick chit chat with colleagues which is always fun. Overall a very productive feel good day!

Writint this post on the way back home. LHB is waiting for my arrival as I always bring back home some snacks for the kids. I will be missing Adi at the kitchen table where the kids usually wait for me!!